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Step By Step – Ramel | Official Music Video Trailer

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Black Man Can Awards

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The Black Man Can Award Ramel Werner routinely does something he’d say most recording artists don’t even have the luxury of dreaming about: He creates music entirely on his own terms. When he goes to the studio, he’s not thinking of writing a radio smash, because few radio stations play

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The Life & Struggle of an Independent Artist

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How familiar are you with the new surge of soulful independent musicians? These severely talented young artists are so eager to be heard that they often travel from city-to-city, and sometimes abroad, selling the music they create from either the trunks of their cars or the sack on their backs.

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Truly to sing, takes a different breath and so it is this way with award winning singer, songwriter, educator, scholar and father, Ramel Werner. Born in the City of Wind, Chicago, Illinois it is fitting that he shares every single breath he takes; deeply, effortlessly and positively on purpose in

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