Black Man Can Awards

The Black Man Can Award

Ramel Werner routinely does something he’d say most recording artists don’t even have the luxury of dreaming about: He creates music entirely on his own terms.

When he goes to the studio, he’s not thinking of writing a radio smash, because few radio stations play “real” music anymore. He’s not thinking of a chart record, because most music charts are driven by something strange and sinister beyond mere listener appeal. No, when Ramel finishes a song, the only voice he feels obligated to listen to, is his heart. This is how he makes music.

With his tracks serving as his vibrant, moody canvas, Ramel would then lyrically paint some of the most revealing and sensitive portraits of love, relationships, and testimonials you would ever expect to hear from a quiet, introspective man like himself.

Ramel’s music will intoxicate and encourage you to stay true to your inner soul and emotional center.


Marketing, Branding and Identity specialist.

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